Enriched Information Representation and Customer Brand Engagement - Evidence from Facebook


Customer brand engagement has been a widely-recognized topic that draws attention from business practitioners and academic researchers. Existing studies focus extensively on the characteristics of firm posts that could affect brand engagement. This paper studies the effect of information representation on brand engagement. Using a large data set collected from 345 official Facebook pages maintained by S&P 500 firms before and after the introduction of emoji reactions, we find that the enriched information representation has an overall positive impact on customer brand engagement. Moreover, customers reallocate their attention by firm post’s type due to the signaling effect of other users’ reactions. Specifically, customers increase responses to less popular posts (i.e., predicted to be low/medium engagement level) but decrease responses to popular posts (i.e., predicted to be high engagement level). Our study emphasizes the importance of information representation on customer brand engagement, which provides organizations with insights on social media marketing practice.